Before-screen-time-checklist, i don't mind my children using electronics (especially on gloomy days) but my kids need limits. i finally created this no screen time until checklist to help manage screen time this summer, and throughout the year.. Looking to limit screen time – download this printable screen time rules checklist my kids are allowed to watch 45 – 60 minutes of screen time per day., want your kids to spend less time with screens and more time actually doing something? try the do-before list—a simple way to set screen time limits.. Once you've downloaded and saved your pdf file, you can open it in acrobat reader (a free app) or preview for mac. then simply fill in your child's name and add in your family's screen time requirements and screen time limits in the appropriate blanks., a checklist to make sure screen time happens after your kids finish more important things. i can make these personalized for an extra fee- please contact me if you are interested.

Summer screen time rules. in our home we make our boys read, play outside, and do their chores before having screen time all year long. in the summer i add in their morning responsibilities as well., screentime rules for summer. printable screentime rules is a checklist of personal tasks, chores & educational / screen-free activities to earn screen time..

Print the screen time checklist to help monitor your kids’ screen time this summer. ahh summer. the season where my children think they are going to wake up and wear their pajamas, watch as much television as they can possibly stand, and snack on goodies all day long – unless of course i have some grand adventure planned for them, then they’re happy to get dressed and leave the house., summer screen time checklist. looking for options to help reduce screen time this summer and maintain your sanity, download this free summer screen time checklist and give it a try..

Here’s our full list of the chore options that my boys can select from and how much screen time they are able to earn. some of the easier chores that earn a full 15 minutes of screen time are generally reserved for the youngest member of our family since he isn’t able to do some of the more difficult tasks.